Pioneer Rayz — the smart headphones with Lightning, six microphones and the ability to charge your smartphone without unplugging the headphones

Last year Apple released the first iPhone, devoid of the usual headphone Jack. Instead, copertina proposed the use of a wireless model or the version with the Lightning interface. And if the first category of problems was not before the second — a rarity even now.

Pioneer to the same model expanded the range of such headphones on the market. The new product is called Rayz. And it’s not just headphones, and, as is now customary, smart headphones. However, the device is really different from most other models on the market. First, there is used a set of six microphones, which should positively affect the quality of the transmitted speech. In addition, the microphones used for active noise cancellation.

This is contrary to the system. The novelty has HearThru mode in which the headphones «missing» part of the external noise.

Headphones understand, when the user pulls them out of your ears, or inserts a back. The device shall suspend or, on the contrary, resumes music playback.

Another distinguishing feature is the ability to charge your smartphone when headphones are connected. How it is implemented, you can see in the video above. However, this functionality is only modification Rayz Plus. The remote control has a programmable button which you can assign to launch any application.

We should note that Pioneer asserts it headphones consume less power than any other model with a Lightning that has been achieved thanks to the technology of LightX.

With all this headphone cost is relatively low: $ 100 for Rayz and $ 150 for Rayz Plus.



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