Picturesque Greece and its unique attractions

The appeal of Greece is not only white beaches and warm sea. There is a huge number of ancient monuments of architecture and nature. One vacation is not enough to see all the sights of this unique country. Therefore we recommend in General to see the most popular places and choose the ones that you want to visit first.

Sights of Greece in photographs and descriptions

Many tourists are eager to visit Athens. This is not surprising. There are many important cultural monuments. The main place in town was, and remains, the Acropolis. In Greek the name is translated as «upper town». The structure is a reinforced fortress which in olden times was a refuge for residents from enemies in case of war. Now on the Acropolis are temple of Athena Niki also Erection and numerous sculptural ensembles. You can see in one place, so here attracts tourists from all over the world.

The age of these structures has over 2,500 years. There will have to walk a lot, so for trips it is recommended to choose comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. From modern buildings in the Acropolis is a Museum in which are stored details of architectural elements, ornaments, bas-reliefs and borders. Some of these archaeological finds are exhibited in the British Museum.

The national archaeological Museum in Athens offers a look at a collection of unique works of art. The extensive exhibition includes a statue of Zeus in height 2 feet in bronze; the statue of a young woman, discovered in the cemetery of Kerameikos; the head of the goddess of health, Gigai; Golden mask of Agamemnon and other objects having cultural value.

Another architectural monument of Ancient Greece was the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It is located in the center of Athens. Its construction was completed in 456 BC. This temple has long remained the biggest, and it used the marble from the mountain Pantelous. Located near the Acropolis and other popular attractions. You can reach them on foot.

Greek Islands and their attractions

The numerous Hiking trails in Greece are on the island. They are located in the three seas surrounding the Peninsula, protecting it from invasions of enemy troops. The easiest way to most of the Islands are reached via connecting flights. This can be done from airports Solonikov or Athens.

The Island Of Crete

The Greek Islands by themselves may be considered landmarks due to their authenticity. In the Aegean sea the largest island is Crete. The location of the island allows you to visit the volcanic Santorini and admire the views of Greece. Around the island the easiest way to travel by buses.

To appreciate the ancient beauty is to go to shrouded in mystery the Palace of Knossos. This is all that remains of vast Minoan civilization. Deeper into the history of the region, located in Heraklion in the beautiful Archaeological Museum. Visit Rethymnon need for the show is huge and solid defensive fortress. It is possible to overlook the stunning view of the city and the coast.

Noteworthy mountain monastery Arcadia. He justified is the title of the most beautiful places on the island. The monastery walls were erected in the 5th century, and they keep the mysterious atmosphere of tranquility and the ringing silence.

In addition to the architectural monuments of Crete eye pleasing and natural scenery. Gorgeous beaches will demonstrate the confluence of three seas and all the shades of blue in the water. Elafonisi beach will surprise visitors with pink sand. The picturesque landscape opens at lake Kournas and vosemnadtsatiletnie Samaria gorge.

The Island Of Santorini

Once this island was an active volcano. It was his fatal eruption destroyed the civilization on a nearby sharp, and the source of fiery lava. On the edge of a dead giant over time, the white city. It is recommended to visit the capital Fira and the nearby town of Imerovigli. On the beaches of Kamari and Perissa you can see the stunning black sand as a reminder of the current once a volcano. Akrotiri beach covered with red sand, and Aspire white.

Descending into the crater, can you find a proof that the volcano was once alive- a number of hot springs. They go directly into the sea and stained the water red. The city Ia can end this amazing day of adventures, meet the sunset on the observation deck.


The main attraction of the island is its eponymous capital. A powerful fortress wall have been kept inside the city’s Oriental atmosphere. Clearly are only some Christian temples, but picturesque Palace of the Grand Masters. Looks colorful port of Mandraki. Here is one of the seven wonders of the world Colossus of Rhodes. The island is equally picturesque town of Lindos, radically different in style. It is completely designed in a Greek style. Here you can walk along neat streets and reach the top of the hill is the Ancient Acropolis and the castle of the knights.

Also worth seeing is located on the hill of Filerimos ruins of the ancient temples, the monastery of the Holy virgin. There are peacocks. In the town of Profitis Ilias you can see the summer residence of Mussolini. Butterfly valley will not leave anyone indifferent. Here among the waterfalls jets flying hundreds of gentle creatures of various hues.

The Island Of KOs

This island is one of the smallest in Greece. However, there is something to see. Ancient ruins of the Ancient Agora attract tourists from all over the world. It is possible in detail to study a Roman Villa, a fortress of the knights ioannitov, urban mosques, the ruins of the Asclepion – the ancient world of the hospital.



For tourists the most attractive and interesting place in the city was the port of shipwreck. Here right on the beach is a victim of the disaster the ship. Blue caves also deserve the attention of visitors to the island for its beauty. Tourists should also visit the local zoo and, plunging into the depths of the sea, to get acquainted with sea turtles. Cultural and spiritual hunger can be satisfied during the inspection of the monasteries Anafonitria and Agios Georgios.


This island can be called the most distinctive among the Greek. Everything here now, not yet adapted to the requests of the tourist business. This is the highlight of this area. The main attractions are located right in the middle of the island. One of them is a picturesque cave of Drogarati with its huge hall and hundreds of stalactites on the arches. The second major attraction is the underground lake of Melissani. It was discovered after the collapse of the ceiling of the cave. The third place of tourist attention is the white beach of Myrtos. In addition to the guests of the island has more than please the eye: the winding road along spruce forest wall, charming small towns and villages.

There is still a large amount of amazing places and sites in Greece that deserve attention. Each object is unique. Every day spent in this magical land, will result in new knowledge and emotions. Years tourists come to Greece and each time I find more and more exciting new places.

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