Pictures of leaves: master classes and interesting ideas

Beautifully decorate and transform your home can absolutely everyone. It does not need to be too expensive materials, just a little to show imagination. Today we will show you how to do the unusual pattern of the leaves with their hands.

Picture of green leaves

If you dry it and prepare bright autumn leaves you don’t have time, don’t hurry to get upset. After all, to make stylish decor is possible with even the simple leaves. They look no less beautiful.


To create such an unusual painting we need:

  • frame any color;
  • beautiful green leaf;
  • double glass;
  • a pair of scissors.

For starters, bendable thin sheets at an angle of 45. Alternately intertwine them as shown in the photo. If you want, you can come up with a weave yourself. But in any case, fold the paper very carefully, so as not to damage them.

The handle and protruding edge of the leaf cut off and fix it between two panes of glass. Carefully fix the composition in the frame. To create the second picture, you can use larger sheets and twisting them tightly. A great example you see in the photo.

As you can see, to make this unusual composition really easy.

Bright picture

To make the original picture, it is not necessary to search the leaves of a perfect shape. Because you can use them very differently.

For this to work we need:

  • the white paper;
  • leaf, twig or flower;
  • the paint in the can;
  • beautiful frame.

If you want you can put on paper a special fluid that will protect it from paint. But to do it not necessarily.Put the plant on the paper in the right position. Carefully spray paint in such a way to fill all the empty space. It is very important at this point not to move the plant. Because the only way to get a clear picture.

Remove the leaf and leave the painting to dry completely. If you covered the edge of a special liquid, then gently remove it.

Put a picture in a frame and hang it on the wall. At desire it is possible to make such images a variety of plants. It looks really cool.

Panels in autumn style

Those who are crazy about bright autumn colors, offer stylish panels, a little to decorate your home.

Prepare the following materials:

  • a wooden Board of any size;
  • stain;
  • bright dried leaves;
  • sprig of small size;
  • marker;
  • brush;
  • PVA glue;
  • a heavy object that you can use as a press.


To start prepare the Board, that is, paint it with wood stain. After complete drying apply a marker pattern in the form of a maple leaf. You can do this by yourself or use a template.

Begin to create the composition. For this fan in order to glue the dried leaves to the Board. It is very important to do it not fully, so the tops were free. Due to this, the picture will be more voluminous.

Immediately after the bonding is put on the press leaves no more than a minute. This is necessary in order to take a specific position.Using adhesive to glue a thin twig to the panels. The bright autumn arrangement is ready!

Stylish pattern of leaves

As mentioned above, to make a picture not only of the fall of yellow leaves, but green. In the interior it looks no less stylish.

Will need the following materials:

  • two identical picture frames of any size;
  • a thin cloth or paper (in this example, you can use parchment paper);
  • leaves of different shape and size;
  • a pair of scissors.

Prepare the leaves and, if necessary, cut the cuttings. Put parchment paper or a thin cloth. On top of it arrange the leaves in any order. Here you can show imagination and create an interesting composition.

Top songs, put another piece of paper or cloth. If desired, it can be a bit iron iron at low temperature. Due to this, the leaves will be more smooth.

Take out of the frames and the glass substrate. Gently put the composition in a frame and put on top of the substrate. Fix the picture with clips on the back side. Extra fabric or paper cut with scissors.

To create this take the second frame and remove the backing. On the glass put the leaves in a loose sequence. Take a glass that remained from the first frame and put it on top of the leaves. Carefully fix it with the clamps on the frame.

Stylish pattern of leaves ready! If you want you can change the leaves every season to create a special atmosphere in your home.

Unusual picture

Recently, various image leaf in a frame have become very popular. But their cost is very high. Therefore we suggest to experiment a bit and make a picture with their hands.

Prepare the following:

  • white paper (size can be any);
  • big green leaf;
  • frame of suitable size;
  • acrylic paint in any color;
  • brush;
  • Newspapers;
  • the capacity of a small size.

To start put on the table the newspaper, in order not to get dirty in the process. Prepare paint in special containers.

Very fast, but at the same time, carefully paint leaf green paint.

Otective sheet with the ink on the paper white. To get a more smooth and clear picture for a minute put on top of some books.

Gently remove the sheet of paper. Optionally, you can select the Central lines using a thin brush and the remaining paint. Leave the figure to dry completely.

Put a picture in a frame. Stylish decor item is ready!

Pictures of leaves with their hands, interesting ideas for creativity

To draw a beautiful picture of the leaves with your hands is a really good idea. So, experiment, try different combinations and the result will surprise you!

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