PIC16F19197 Microchip microcontrollers designed for devices with LCD indicators and self-powered

Company Microchip Technology announced a family of microcontrollers PIC16F19197 peripheral blocks available, regardless of the core (Core-Independent Peripherals, CIPs). According to the manufacturer, became the first eight-bit PIC microcontrollers, optimized for devices with touch-sensitive liquid crystal display (360 segments) and self-powered.

The family includes nine models. The outline is the scheme of «pumping» the driver indicator to maintain constant contrast, despite the discharge of the battery; a 12-bit ADC with data computer (ADC2); low-voltage comparator circuit and the automatic frequency control of the generator.

Microcontrollers are packaged in a housing with a number of insights from 28 to 64. The volume of flash memory depends on the model and reaches 56 KB. The RAM is 4 KB.

Microcontrollers are supported by Microchip PIC16F19197 plugin MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) for development environments from Microchip MPLAB and MPLAB X Xpress. The first models are already available, and the fee for developers XLP Microchip LCD Explorer Development Board (part number index DM240314). Wholesale prices start at $1,03 apiece.

Source: Microchip Technology



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