Photos of the protector, which Apple uses to transport prototype iPhone

The announcement of the new smartphone is preceded by months of design, testing and production. The prototypes of the smartphone are sent between the different units and partners of Apple.

This time period usually takes all sorts of leaks, see the first photos of the new smartphones. A well-known blogger and insider Sonny Dickson (Sonny Dickson), which often publishes reliable information on Apple products, published photos of protective case for iPhone prototypes.

Protects the case not from damage during the drop, and from potential leaks. The case covers most of the smartphone and has a protective yellow strip that shows, not trying to open it.

In addition, such prototypes are usually accompanied by a «passport», which made notes on all stages of testing and quality control.

It is clear that such measures cannot fully protect the smartphone from spills. For example, the first photo of prototype iPhone 7 Plus was published six months before the announcement.



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