Photo of the day: self-driving car Apple

Rumors that Apple is working on a private project of an unmanned vehicle, appeared online a few years ago. Since that time, those rumors managed to bury the project, to redirect Apple for creating software for driverless cars, and so on.

But today appeared the first images, which, according to the source, was captured just test car the Apple. More precisely, a car that is testing Cupertino giant, as the machine itself, as you can see, is a crossover Lexus RX450h.

The images show that the car is equipped with many additional sensors, cameras and lidars Velodyne. The use of foreign equipment may indirectly indicate that Apple does not focus on the development of unmanned vehicles, and software for them. On the other hand, Apple could simply not be enough time to create a car from scratch, as did Google. It is also worth noting that the pictures were taken in California.



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