Photo of the day: Samsung Galaxy S8 in the flesh

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most anticipated novelty in the near future. On its parameters and design has been a lot of rumors and now in the network appeared the first «live» photo of this device. At least so says the source.

What of the two new models is depicted in the picture is unknown, but they will still look identical. It is seen that the overall style of the Galaxy S6 and S7 are preserved, but the smartphone will look differently due to the minimum framework. Also for the first time since the first Galaxy S, we get Samsung’s flagship smartphone without physical buttons under the screen.

The scanner is moved on the rear side, and its placement outside the box. How convenient is it to predict difficult. Noteworthy and color scheme. There is a feeling that the rear side is made of metal, although it should be glass.

On the bottom you can see the USB-C port, headphone Jack and speaker grille. Are there any smartphone the silo, can not be understood as one of the corners is hidden. Also note that the placement of the flash is not the same as what we saw on the images of the covers so the photo should be treated with skepticism.



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