Photo of the day: foldable smartphone ZTE Axon M

In the beginning of the month we learned about a strange phone, the ZTE Multy, which will have a form factor of «horizontal clamshell». He attributed two Full HD display and Snapdragon 820 SoC. Even then, the question arose about who actually will need such a device at the end of 2017.

However, eventually the novelty might be more interesting than expected. It is reported that the smartphone, which will be called M Axon, will present on October 17. The smartphone will have dual displays Full HD resolution for each, and the final diagonal of the screen is 6.8 inches.

Source for some reason calls Axon M folding the first real smartphone, although recent years talking about future phones with bendable displays. ZTE the novelty of this feature will not, but it is believed that this device could become the first transitional link to the next generation of mobile devices.

How can you not see the images, the two halves will not be identical. The main will be thicker. In addition, on this half, you can see something resembling a speaker. If so, it appears that the screens will be located on the outside of the smartphone.



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