Photo of the day: crystal of the processor Intel Core i9-7920X

A well-known overclocker Der8auer got Intel Core i9-7920X and conducted a procedure of scalping, that is removed the heat-spreading lid.

The crystal size was significantly greater than that of the Core i9-7900X. Recall that Core i9-7920X is a 12-core CPU family Skylake-X.

Photograph probably indicates the lack of CPU under the lid of the solder, which again can complicate the process of overclocking due to bad thermal interface. It is also worth noting that the failure of the Der8auer any statements about the complexity of the process of «scalping» probably means that there are none.

By the way, Core i9-7920X was supposed to appear on sale in late August, but this did not happen. With Intel nothing is explained and it is unclear when will this CPU. In addition, it may mean that the top members of the family will be available later than previously reported.



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