Photo of the day: crystal Apple A10 SoC

Experts Chipworks have taken apart the new iPhone 7. Unlike the specialists of iFixit, they have not evaluated the maintainability of the device, focusing primarily on the study of the components.

As expected, a portion of chips for Apple’s new smartphone delivers Intel. More specifically, the two RF transceiver, modem and power controller RF unit.

The most interesting chip inside the Apple iPhone 7 is a single-chip system A10. It makes TSMC’s 16-nanometer process technology. On-chip area of 125 mm2 formed 3.3 billion transistors.

The matter noted that the density of the arrangement almost unchanged for three generations the Apple SoC. Although A9 and A10 uses a technology called FinFET, only the A10 managed to catch up A8 «flat» transistors. Of course, the transition to FinFET has allowed to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

On top of the crystal A10 is memory chip LPDDR4 Samsung K3RG1G10CM 2 GB.

Source: Chipworks



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