Photo of the day: camera Nikon D850

As you know, Nikon is developing a full-frame SLR camera D850. According to the manufacturer, it will be a high speed model, high-resolution, «developed on the basis of the most advanced technologies», which will be characterized by «the perfect blend of versatility and high quality images.»

Technical data manufacturer lead did not, did not name the exact date of the announcement. Meanwhile, the portion of the image the new cameras have already been seen on the advertising banner, which may indicate its imminent release.

The fragment is very modest, but eager to quickly see the D850 not required to settle for the official bits of information. Source published the images on which the camera is visible not only in its entirety, but from different sides.

Moments later, the source promises to publish preliminary specifications of the product.

Data on the price of the camera yet.



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