Photo of the day: AMD Zen and the connector AM4

In the network appeared the image of AMD’s Zen and the socket AM4 in which it is installed.

The processor has a familiar product AMD type Pin Grid Array (PGA) 1331 contact. The AM4 socket will be possible to install the CPU or APU Summit Ridge Bristol Ridge. In other words, it will be more versatile compared to today’s connectors, forming a line of AM and FM.

Connector AM4 has about 1.4 times more pins than AM3+. This allowed us to derive the interface signals of PCIe 3.0, USB3 and 3.1, dual-channel DDR4 memory controller (supports up to four modules operating at an effective frequency up to 3200 MHz). Depending on the chipset, the number of PCIe lanes can reach 24. Plug allows to use SATA Express and NVMe. The latch mechanism is borrowed from the previous connectors. And on the Board the connector occupies the same site as its predecessors: 40 x 40 mm. unfortunately, due to the increase in the number of lanes suitable to the socket holes for the installation of the cooling systems had to be postponed. This means that the installation of existing chillers will need a new mount. However, Gigabyte and some other manufacturers of cooling systems has promised to provide free of charge to users of their products such attachment.

Circuit Board connectors AM4 already shipped from the OEM channels. In retail, they will begin to appear in October.




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