Photo of the day: a 16-core server processor AMD Zen (Naples)

In the network appeared the image server 16-core processor AMD Zen (Naples), is able to perform 32 thread. The Naples range will include models with the number of cores up to 32, making them among the most multi-core x86-compatible server processors. The source recalls that among the Intel processors, the most cores Xeon E7-8890 v4 — 24 pieces. Naples announcement is expected next week.

In the server configuration includes two processors and two accelerator AMD Radeon Pro. On CPUs with heat sinks. Airflow is provided by four fans that create the airflow in the server case.

Unlike desktop processors from AMD with the performance of PGA, processors, Naples is Packed in a case of LGA type used by AMD for server processors in 2006. Another important difference is the giant size of the cache memory of the third level — up to 512 MB vs 16 MB desktop AMD Zen (Summit Ridge). At the same time lower than the basic frequency 1.4 GHz vs 2.8 GHz. The difference between the higher clock speeds 2.8 GHz vs 3.2 GHz.




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