Photo of the case indicates that the Samsung Galaxy C10 will get dual camera and start button Bixby

Recently, the Network appeared information that the smartphone Galaxy C10 may be the first in the Samsung range with doubling the main camera. In addition, the unit was credited with Snapdragon SoC 660.

The photo below is allegedly depicted a case for this smartphone. And if this is true, then the probability of the presence of the new dual camera is very high.

As you can see, the hole on the back side is significantly more than required, based on the actual design of smartphones. Most likely, this is due to the dual camera, the second module which is located under the first.

In addition, the case is interesting and one hole. As you can see, on the sides there are openings for the power button, the volume buttons and some additional buttons. Sources suggest that this is the button to launch the voice assistant Bixby, like the Galaxy S8.



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