Photo gallery of the day: video card PowerColor Radeon RX Red Devil 580 Golden Sample

A week ago PowerColor released the first image of the video card family Red Devil. Presumably, it was the adapter Radeon RX 580.

It turned out that the manufacturer is preparing two new Radeon RX 580 family Red Devil. Version Golden Sample will differ from the «normal» cooling system. It is larger, takes two and a half adjacent expansion slots and, apparently, has more heat pipes. Probably, in this model, the frequency will be higher, but data about them yet.

But there are lots of pictures of the older version. To begin, we note the original PCB, which, in part, similar to those used to create adapters Radeon RX Red Devil Red Devil 480 and Radeon RX 470.

You can also see that the accelerator got two connectors for additional power (8+6), which should ensure the card has enough power for good acceleration.

The cooling system removes heat not only from the GPU and memory, but also from the power subsystem. On the top there is a backlight.

The map will undoubtedly provoke interest among enthusiasts. Yet it seems strange only the rejection of a larger cooler with three fans, which were used for Red Devil Radeon RX 480. The one WITH was better than the more compact version from the Red Devil Radeon RX 470. By the way, the cooler on the new product just like the one installed on Red Devil Radeon RX 470, and the latter was not silence. However, Red Devil Radeon RX 580 cooler has larger fans, so we can hope that the noise level will be lower.

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Radeon RX 580


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