Photo gallery of the day: smartphone, iPhone 8

In recent years, cases of leakage of various materials that relate to the iPhone 8. Just last week we published different drawings and computer generated images.

Now the Network has published a series of photos that demonstrate for the first time the iPhone 8. It is worth noting that this is probably just the layout that is always created even before the final working version of the device to assess its appearance.

The author of the leak confirms that the iPhone 8 will receive a frame made of stainless steel, coated on both sides with a curved protective glass. The fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen, so there are two possibilities: either he really is embedded under the surface of the display, or Apple will reject it, as told by some sources. But do not forget that Apple is testing several prototypes of the iPhone 8, one of which was the fingerprint sensor on the rear panel.

Approximately could look like a working version of the smartphone

Also published a more accurate drawing of the device on which you have not specified a size.

The announcement of the iPhone 8 is expected in September 2017.



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