Photo gallery of the day: console Microsoft Project Scorpio for developers

What parameters will be in consoles, Microsoft Project Scorpio, we have some idea. But its design still remains a mystery.

But now there is the opportunity to look at the appearance of the Scorpio Project for developers. These will begin shipping to developers in the coming weeks.

This version is additionally able to emulate the Xbox One and the One’s that the developers had the opportunity to adapt the projects for different console.

On the front panel you can see a small OLED display, which displays various information. For example, the current frame rate. To expect such a screen on the serial device is clearly not worth it.

In addition, your developers more productive serial. For example, there is the 44 compute units of the GPU 40, as much as 24 GB of memory to 12 GB and an extra SSD.

In General, we can see that the model for developers inherits the design of the Xbox One S. it is Logical to assume that serial model Scorpio Project will be executed in the same design.



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