Photo gallery of the day: comparing performance and power of AMD Ryzen and Intel Core i7-6900K

As you know, AMD has introduced a brand Ryzen. Our correspondent attended the event and took some interesting pictures.

A new brand introduced Dr. Lisa su, President and CEO of AMD.

Manufacturer compared Ryzen engineering sample, running at 3.4 GHz, with an Intel Core i7-6900K, clocked at 3.2 GHz. Processors showed approximately equal speed convert a video in HandBrake application.

In the 3D package Blender, real-time power consumption of the system with Ryzen was lower than the energy consumption of the system with Core i7.

Mode high quality 3D rendering system based on Ryzen also showed less energy consumption compared to the Core i7. The rendering speed was about the same.

Lisa su expressed hope for a successful 2017 for AMD, in which they will finally release a competitive desktop processor Ryzen, high-performance Vega graphics processor, professional accelerators of machine learning Instinct Radeon and multicore server processors Naples, also based on the architecture of Zen.

Sources: AMD, own correspondent iXBT

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