Photo gallery of the day: cancelled modular smartphone Google Project Ara

As you know, the ambitious project modular smartphone Project Ara has been canceled after three years of development. Google did not indulge in detailed explanations, saying only that it was a scientific experiment that has failed.

And now, after two months after the announcement of the closure of the project, one instance of a smartphone fell into the hands of specialists PhanDroid. At the moment colleagues prepare answers to users questions. And while we can see the detailed settings and photo libraries on the device.

The device certainly looks interesting, the only official videos, but this instance is for developers, so that require it design refinements not necessary.

So, this device is equipped with SoC Snapdragon 810, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of flash memory and a Full HD display diagonal of 5.5 inches. A pair of cameras is characterized by the resolution 2 and 5 MP. The battery capacity of 3450 mA·h the Smartphone is equipped with a USB-C port, headphone Jack, adapters, wireless interfaces, and has dimensions of 152 x 74 x 12.5 mm and weight is 190 g. That is quite chubby and heavy by today’s standards the device.

The modules really are attached by magnets and no problems with loose source not found.



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