Phison still hopes to become a strategic partner of Toshiba

The company is Phison Electronics has not abandoned the plan to become a strategic partner of Toshiba. Originally it planned to invest $ 500 million in the semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba, which produces memory chips. But this plan had to be postponed because Toshiba decided to increase the part of the production offered for sale. This was reported by the source, referring to the words of the Chairman of Phison.

In the amount of $ 500 million was designated considering the fact that Toshiba was planning to sell only 20% of the company. In connection with a change of plans flash Phison has decided to wait.

Phison will revisit the issue of investment in semiconductor manufacturing to Toshiba, when it will become a separate enterprise.

We will remind, the Board of Directors of Toshiba has approved a plan for the allocation of production chips in the independent enterprise with the subsequent sale of his part in January. However, these actions caused the protest of Western Digital, with the purchase of SanDisk became a party to joint ventures with Toshiba, which produces flash memory. Last week Western Digital has addressed in arbitration court, hoping to prevent the sale without her consent.

Source: Digitimes

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