Philips offers a «connected ecosystem of Wearables» for those who want to monitor their health

Royal Philips introduced the first components of the «ecosystem of connected wearable devices, is designed for those who want to monitor their health. The ecosystem includes the devices themselves, the mobile application HealthSuite Health App and a cloud service by which you can measure, collect and analyze the indicators characterizing the functioning of the body. Furthermore, development is aimed at developing healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. In the first place, it targets those who are at risk from the point of view of the development of chronic diseases due to violations of a healthy lifestyle

The company introduced a smart watch DL8791/00, which continuously measure heart rate, degree of physical activity and indicators of sleep. The watch cost $250.

The list of novelties includes two pressure gauge. Model DL8760/37 value of $100 is worn on the shoulder, model DL8765/37 for $90 on the forearm.

Libra also represented DL8780/37, which can hardly apply to wearable devices, although wearing them, of course, possible. The scales can calculate the percentage of body fat and body mass index. They are available in white and black variants. The scales cost $100.

Completing the list is the ear thermometer which is able to determine the body temperature of only 2 C. the Thermometer DL8740/37 costs $60.

Recall that all devices connect to a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS, what is the Bluetooth interface. The collected data are stored in the cloud and used for analysis, making recommendations and tracking the dynamics of indicators.

Source: Royal Philips


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