Philips believes that smart bulbs are one of the main categories of IOT

The device segment of the Internet of things in the near future will significantly outpace all other devices of the IT market. Various sensors will be placed throughout the household appliances, locks, furnishings, key chains, collars for animals, kitchen tables, aquariums, and so on.

Of course, this list should be added, and smart lamps. Moreover, according to Harshvardhan’re reading rooms are (Harshvardhan Chitale), managing Director of Philips Lighting in India, it is smart lamps in the next five to ten years will be one of the largest categories of IOT.

For example, a forecast for the market of India States that between 2015 and 2020 the annual growth of sales of smart lamps will be 32%. Supposedly at the moment, such light sources are already 5% of the Indian market. We can assume that in more developed countries, the growth of this segment may be even higher.



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