Phanteks Glacier C350i: the first CPU water block this company

Last summer, the company’s designers presented their first waterblock for cooling video cards, now it is the turn similar products for processors. Novelty called Glacier C350i PH C350i_X designed for Intel processors with socket LGA 2011-3 and LGA 115X, and its mounting system allows rotation in any of four positions.

The base of the cooler is made of Nickel-plated copper, the fins have a height of 5 mm and width of 0.4 mm, they are located also in increments of 0.4 mm. the contribution to cooling is making a complete thermal compound Phanteks PH-NDC. Insulating ring made of durable synthetic rubber, Viton, is resistant to high temperatures and aggressive fluids.

The upper part of the cooling Phanteks Glacier C350i made of anodized or chrome-plated aluminum, the cover is made of transparent acrylic, and is integrated with colored lights, synchronized with Mystic Light MSI and Asus Aura.

The new Phanteks Glacier C350i is estimated at 80 euros. Along with him was presented to the brass fittings Phanteks Glacier for rigid and flexible tubes that are compatible with all chassis of the company.



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