Peugeot has chosen for its first test of unmanned vehicles technology NuTonomy

French car maker Peugeot, part of the group Groupe PSA, had not previously appeared in the news related to unmanned vehicles. However, this is exactly the direction that sooner or later will become commonplace, and companies need to reckon with.

According to the source, for their first steps in this direction Peugeot has chosen partners NuTonomy company specializing in technologies for unmanned vehicles.

Suitable equipment of this firm will be installed on the serial car Peugeot 3008 for testing. All this will take place in Singapore, where NuTonomy started to test their equipment on public roads last year.

After completion of these tests Peugeot plans to expand the program of tests to other cities. About any prospects or serial unmanned vehicles company is not yet saying.



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