Per day Super Mario Run downloaded about 10 million users of iOS devices spent on the game $4 million

Despite the fact that Apple and Nintendo has not yet released an official statement regarding the success of the app Super Mario Run, various sources report that it has set an absolute record in the history of the App store.

Recall that we have already reported that just hours after the appearance of Super Mario Run the App Store app has become the most popular free app and the most profitable in recent days.

According to Apptopia, for the first 24 hours the number of downloads of Super Mario Run exceeded 2.85 million However, Slash Gear suggested that Apptopia specifies the number of downloads to only on the United States. The result of Pokemon Go for the first day, according to Apptopia, amounted to 900 thousand downloads.

I should add that Pokemon Go out in phases in different regions of the world, whereas Super Mario Run released December 15, from 150 countries, which was preceded by an extensive advertising campaign.

Another analytical company App Annie, which has access to more data, says that the number of downloads of Super Mario Run for the first day in all countries exceeded 10 million According to experts, in the first day users spent on the purchase of all content for about $ 4 million.



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