Payment system Pay Walmart has become a strong competitor for Apple Pay

We’ve learned that the last time their payment system run mostly giants of the IT market. Such is, Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei and some other companies.

But it turned out that not always need to be relevant to this market to have success on the market of contactless payments. Running your system less than two years ago, Walmart, according to the source, captures tens of thousands of new users daily.

Service Walmart Pay working in stores 4774 of the network and are now close to having to catch up with Apple Pay by frequency of use, if to speak about shopping in Walmart.

As seen in the chart, in June, about 5.5% of the clients of the network used Apple Pay, and Walmart Pay used approximately 5.1% of the buyers. While just a few months before that the gap was larger. The pace in the coming months, Walmart’s Pay will overtake the Apple system. It is also worth noting that the number of users of this service among buyers of stores is higher than the total number of users of Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

Recall, Walmart — the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail stores. The company’s stores are present in USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, South America and other countries.



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