Payment system Pay Meizu will launch in beta form since June 21

Contactless mobile payments — a huge emerging market. And every manufacturer is in a hurry to grab a piece of it. At the moment there are three of the largest mobile payment service in the smartphone market: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. But smaller companies do not cease to produce their own versions.

One of these was and Meizu. According to the source, the manufacturer stated that the beta test Meizu Pay kicks off June 21 and ends July 20. While the system will be available only for owners of smartphones Pro 5 and Pro 6 Plus.

Probably after the full launch of the Meizu Pay to support a greater number of smartphones, as the service uses NFC module, like most other similar systems.

Meizu is now accepting applications for participation in beta testing. The top 20 (which is not specified) participants will receive some prizes. Of course, it is all will work only in China. And in the near future is unlikely Meizu will Pay outside the home market.



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