Payment service Samsung Pay may appear on the smartphones of third-party brands

Payment service Samsung Pay is currently available not only in the flagship smartphone of the Korean giant. MST technology underlying the services, had already reached the family of Galaxy A and Galaxy J. even eventually, perhaps, Samsung Pay will be supported by all models of the company.

But Samsung is not going to stop. According to the source, the company is considering to involve in the process of development of services of third-party smartphone manufacturers.

To other smartphones had Samsung Pay support, they will need to use a special module that is responsible for the work of the MST technology. Unfortunately, there is no evidence about who exactly Samsung is negotiating on this. Recall, Samsung is just one company offering the technology — LG, in its new flagship G6, but the service LG Pay only begins its work.

In addition to strategy of attraction of competitors Samsung is considering issuing a special accessory with support Samsung Pay. It will also allow to attract to the service a new audience, which for one reason or another do not want to use smartphones Korean giant or limited, the most readily available models.

A particular strategy (possibly both) will be implemented no earlier than the middle of next year.



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