Payment service Samsung Pay coming to more smartphones in 2017

The mobile payment service Samsung Pay is one of the most popular among his own kind. In addition, he is one of the most promising, as technology MST allows you to pay via a smart phone purchases in shops where a simple terminal for magnetic stripe cards.

However, in order to take advantage of Samsung Pay, you need to own one of the few models of smartphones that support the service. And they are all relatively cheap.

According to the source, a Samsung spokesperson said that the company decided to preinstall Samsung Pay almost all of the smartphones that will be released next year, with the exception of some of the most affordable models.

Unfortunately, it is unclear what is meant by this phrase. Whether the majority of new Samsung smartphones will receive the support of MST technology, the Junior would be limited only version that runs via NFC.

There is one more suggestion. During the press conference, Samsung also said that the company is considering the installation of fingerprint scanners in smartphones the Galaxy series J. If we assume that these phrases are linked, then the situation will become clearer. In this case, a Samsung spokesperson meant new machines lines Galaxy A and Galaxy J when talking about most smartphones in 2017. We will remind, now the actual models Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 come with fingerprint scanners and a full support service, Samsung Pay. Probably in the new generation of this functionality will get and Galaxy A3.



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