Payment service Pay LG outside South Korea

As you know, the smartphone LG G6 supports MCT (Magnetic Communication Technology), which is an analogue of MST technology Samsung. Both of them allow mobile devices to interact with conventional banking terminals for cards with a magnetic strip.

However, LG does not have the same opportunities as Samsung, therefore, neither this fact nor the launch of the payment service LG Pay the company is not particularly advertised. Recall, for either of such payment systems the company has to negotiate with individual banks in each country separately, which makes the distribution process of the service rather slow.

Despite that, LG said that its payment system will be released outside of South Korea. When it happens, is still unknown. In addition, LG intends to equip technology MCT more models of smartphones. That is, support for LG Pay to appear on more affordable devices.

LG also intends to offer a version of LG Pay for online payments, as did Apple and Samsung.



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