Patent Troll won the argument against Apple using patents formerly owned by Nokia

In December 2013, the European regulator has warned Nokia from turning into a patent Troll, saying that after its mobile division will become the property of Microsoft, the Finnish company will be under the gun in case you try to «extract higher profits» from patents. Nokia otherwise dispose of the patents — about 2000 of them were sold to Core Wireless.

In September 2014 the new owner of the patents Nokia sued Apple, accusing it of violating six patents. Although in 2015, the court sided with Apple, the plaintiff has not lost the determination and filed a new lawsuit, in which this time featured two patents formerly owned by Nokia.

This week the court decided in favor of Core Wireless in concluding that the Apple devices iPad and iPhone infringed two patents in the field of mobile communication. As compensation Core Wireless needs to obtain $ 7.3 million.

Source: Patently Apple



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