Passed the first test in the competition Hyperloop Pod Competition

As we reported last summer, the next stage of the competition Hyperloop Pod Competition was postponed to 2017. Recall that in the framework of this contest, conducted by the company SpaceX, the teams had to build a small prototype of the Hyperloop capsules and launch them into the pipe with a length of 1.25 km. more Precisely, were allowed to run the models that will be hard selection.

In the end it turned out that of the 27 teams that initially participated in the contest, only three received permission to launch capsules: MIT Team Hyperloop, Hyperloop Delfе and WARR Hyperloop.

As you can see in the video, none of the capsule crossed the mark of 100 km/h. However, given the length of the track, perhaps the organizers and the teams just decided not to risk. Indirectly, this is indicated by the fact that in the summer there will be another stage of the competition where the main goal is just to achieve the highest possible speed. Whatever it was, it still shows that the outcome is still very far from the concept of vacuum trains, as seen by the ideal.

It should also be noted that SpaceX once again notes that is not related to any team or company involved in the development of Hyperloop technology.

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