Partners prepared Nvidia graphics cards for mining crypto-currencies, GPU-based and GP104 GP106

A few days ago we reported about the device GPU Mining System, which is a «farm» for mining cryptocurrency, is based on eight accelerator GPU Mining Card P106-100.

At that time, data on the manufacturer «farms», but the device had no markings. There was a question about whether Nvidia to put the appropriate adapters for our partners to build these solutions, or they can be bought on the open market.

New data indicate that the second option is true. In the network appeared the images and pictures of graphics cards Asus, MSI and Colorful, specially designed for mining.

This model has catalogue number MINING-P106-6G. This adapter based on GPU GP106, and he completely copies the gaming graphics card GeForce GTX 1060 Expedition with 6 GB of memory. The difference lies not in the parameters, but the lack of video outputs.

MSI is preparing two accelerator. The first is called as Asus. It are no options, but most likely it is the same copy of game GeForce GTX 1060. But the second — P104-100. This shows GPU usage GP104, which is based on the GeForce GTX 1080 GTX 1070 and. That is, the accelerator will be significantly more productive. Judging by the picture, it will use the reference design.

Well, at least one model prepares Colorful. It is also based on the GPU and copies GP106 gaming option. The image is, apparently, a game card, as the description stated that the video output adapter for the mining of cryptocurrency has.

It is reported that these devices will only have a three month guarantee, although accurate data on this yet. Also, as yet unknown price. Earlier it was said that such boosters should be cheaper, but most likely, the difference is not particularly large, because from a technical point of view such devices are no different from the game, except for the lack of ports.

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