Partners of Nvidia will offer several variants of the GeForce GT 1030 with passive cooling

A few days ago we brought the first details about the MSI on the basis of 3D-accelerator GeForce GT 1030, among which were noted the model with passive cooling. However, not only MSI will be offering fanless options GeForce GT 1030, at least one will be Gigabyte.

Graphics card called GeForce GT 1030 LP Silent 2GB. From the symbol, you can understand that it will be low profile, and the frequency of the GPU and memory will remain regular. Even Gigabyte will be the model GeForce GT 2GB LP 1030, but with a small fan in the cooling system.

Your options will offer the GeForce GT 1030 will also offer KFA2 (1030 GeForce GT 2GB EXOC White) and Zotac (GeForce GT 2GB 1030 LP), but the images of these models, the source does not yet have.

The official premiere of the GeForce GT 1030 is expected almost any day, but so far Nvidia is in no hurry with the announcement. According to preliminary data the graphics card is built on the GPU GP108-300 with 384 Cuda cores, the memory capacity is 2 GB memory bus width – 64 bits.

Source: Videocardz

GeForce GT 1030


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