Partners Apple will have to answer for the actions of copertina in court

In the beginning of the year, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, accusing it of abuse of a dominant position on the market of cellular modems for smartphones.

Later it became known that Apple does not translate to their partners, which assembles iPhones, the funds intended for payment of royalties to Qualcomm. Apple said that it will not transfer the money as long as its dispute with Qualcomm is resolved. Considering how to become «stuck» such cases in the United States, step copertina was quite amusing.

However, Qualcomm did not wait and filed in the court of the partners of Apple. Note that Apple itself has no licensing agreements with Qualcomm, as it is not engaged in assembling mobile devices and does not produce any components for them. Therefore, the relevant license agreements have Apple partners. In this case they were between two fires.

More specifically, Qualcomm sued by Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal Electronics. Interesting that these companies continue to regularly pay a licensing fee for smartphones from other manufacturers, but not Apple products. These companies say that in any case do not intend to challenge a licensing agreement with Qualcomm, but I can’t help it, since Apple first, forbidden to pay anything to the enemy, and secondly, simply does not translate for this money.

It is worth noting that after the January lawsuit Apple Qualcomm struck many others from various companies. Qualcomm had even accused Apple that specially contributes to the fact that the various players in the market IT has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of single-chip systems.



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