Part of Yahoo, not included in the deal with Verizon will be United under the name Altaba

One of many major transactions in the IT market last year was the acquisition by Verizon of Yahoo for 4.83 billion dollars. After completion of the transaction Yahoo should merge with AOL.

Now it is reported that after the completion of the transaction, the remaining assets of Yahoo will be formed into a new company called Altaba. Recall, the deal with Verizon does not include cash Yahoo shares of Alibaba Group Holdings, in the possession of the company, the shares of Yahoo Japan, the convertible debt securities of the company and non-core patents. These assets and will receive a new name.

The fate of the brand as a whole remains unclear, since it is unknown exactly how it intends to dispose of them Verizon. Given the notoriety of the brand and its impact on certain markets, it is unlikely the new owner will take the place of that name.



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