Paper crafts for New year 2018

A holiday that each of us associate with childhood, comes to every home on December 31. This day is full of miracles and magic. Bright lights around the city awaken early memories, when cosy evenings, the whole family was preparing for the holiday. Someone is connected with buying a live Christmas tree and its decoration. Others preferred to prepare a delicious gala dinner. Others were cut and pasted, folded and tied all sorts of materials, resulting in original and unique decorative accessories.

The most popular material for hands-on making Christmas crafts is paper. Her secret is in the ease of use, wide range of various options, as well as in safety components.

Paper angels for the New year

The winged messenger has become one of the symbols of the winter holidays thanks to the legends about the birth of the Christ child. So Christmas and New year is accompanied by various figures and images of angels.

For the manufacture of such ornaments out of paper you will need:

  • smooth white (brown) paper;
  • a piece of shiny paper;
  • a piece of thick embossed paper with an embossment;
  • napkin for scrapbooking;
  • original button;
  • double sided tape;
  • pencil, glue, scissors.

From shiny paper should be cut the wings and the clothes of the future angel. Each of the details you need to stick a piece of double-sided tape. The wings should be connected by means in the manner of a bow. From a simple paper cut out the head, and shiny – halo angel. On the face draw the eyes, blush, mouth. The back of the head fasten a decorative string for hanging the future of the decor. In the place where it joins the body and the head, fastened with a decorative button.

Original Christmas snowflakes

Snowflakes are the most common decorative element that accompanies the winter holidays. The simplest paper snowflakes are available for fabrication. This square sheet folded several times to form a cone. Next, with sharp scissors on the cone in different places cut out geometric shapes. Prepare the cut area. After manipulating the paper to expand and get a snowflake with a unique pattern.

More sophisticated techniques allow to produce large snowflakes. To do this, take one sheet of A4 paper, 10 paper clips and glue. From a sheet cut into 6 equal strips. Three of them should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees. to the rest. The average vertical must pass over the first and third horizontal. The remaining two – on the contrary. At the intersections of the strips must be fixed in place with staples. Edges of parts should be connected so that the snowflakes came out 4 beams. In the same way it is necessary to make another preparation. The second blank is placed on the first at right angles. Get snowflake with 8 rays. Tips DIY need to seal the glue. On one of the beams, you can attach a loop and hang the finished decoration on a prominent place.

Christmas toy made of paper

This simple craft can be made together with the child. You need to prepare a thick decorative paper, knife and glue, as well as a beautiful thin ribbon and decorated with rhinestones, beautiful buttons and beads.

Billet looks like a Christmas ball cut from paper. Such parts shall be not less than 10. The more blanks, the more interesting and bigger will eventually look like a decoration. On top of every detail will form the hole for the ribbon. Thereafter, each workpiece must be folded in half and glued all of them together on the fold line. To make it better at three points, and not along the entire length. Where threaded a ribbon for hanging you can add a bow or decorative item from the list above. Also on the surface of the toy, you can throw a few rhinestones, or buttons as desired. In this way can not only make Christmas ball, but any object Christmas themes.

A garland of stars

The basis for this DIY will be ready electric garland with lights. Also you’ll need construction paper of several colors, pencil, glue, scissors. From different sheets of colored paper have to cut the same stars. Their size should be slightly greater than the size of the bulbs on the garland. Choosing 2 stars of one color, you need to glue them on the ends of the rays. After a little pushing from the sides can be open between the glued parts in a small space. It should be placed one of the lights. Since the paper is dense, each star will be securely kept on the flashlight. Important note: for this DIY you should choose those lights, whose bulbs do not heat up during use!

Paper Christmas cones

For this DIY you will need nice, thick paper, glue, ruler, scissors, a beautiful thin rope or tape. For one of the bigwigs need to cut 4 strips: two 1 cm wide and 10 cm in length; two 1.25 cm in width and 16 cm in length; one was 1.5 cm in width and 20 cm in length. Then fold them like an accordion. You can now start collecting cones. Need to glue the parts together, starting with one of the smallest, then glue the middle and the biggest. On to a big stick a medium and finally a small karmoshka. To the top of the cones obtained, attach a rope loop. Such cones can build a garland and decorate her window, wall or Christmas tree. For garland it is better to choose a colored paper to each bump turned his color.

: snowflake in the quilling technique

For making delicate snowflakes you will need:

  • paper;
  • pencil, ruler, glue, scissors;
  • special quilling tool or wooden stick for manicure.

Wooden stick are preparing to work. On the sharpened at the end should make a notch depth of 4 mm. Fixing it thin, with a width of 3-4 mm, the bands formed a tight paper rolls.

Gently remove the item and give the rings to relax a little. Then hold with one hand and the tail glued to the figure. The result is a hollow straw. Do these 6 pieces.

Next, begin to produce other shape of the part. Put a thin long strip of paper in half and wound on each side to the middle. Also make 6 pieces.

The next step is getting a new figurine. It is similar to the previous hearts, only the ends of the wound outward and not inward. In the end we get 6 birds.

Then from the resulting parts are starting to collect the snowflake. In the center of the spread droplet. After that, the gaps between the droplets of the pasted hearts. According to this principle are further inserted birds.

Then produce leaves. They are also, as droplets, only clamping roll need on both sides. These figures are glued to the center of the birds. The result is a charming, delicate snowflake.

: ball made of cardboard

For the manufacture of bulk Christmas ball, you can use coloured cardboard, bright postcards, or thick designer paper. To work you need to prepare glue, scissors, a compass or any item that will allow you to draw a good smooth circle. You should start with drawing out 20 of the same circle from your chosen paper.


Next, you fold twice each circle to outline center. Then, you should keep the detail and bend one of its sides to the center. Also comes with two other parties. The result is triangles. With the other circles do the same. 10 from circles glued together in a line the two sides. The resulting strip is glued to the ring. This is the base of the future world.

The remaining 10 circles glued together in 2 small caps at 5 pieces each. The caps are glued on the top and bottom rings made earlier. Before that, one of them is passed a loop of beautiful yarn.

Any DIY toy paper can be made even more attractive with sequins, beads, ribbons, decorative buttons and rhinestones. A great way to add these DIY gloss will be processed gold or silver paint from the spray.

Numerous ideas for paper toys will allow you to create unique and memorable décor. Children will be happy to personally participate in the creation of Christmas tree and interior decorations. This will help develop their imagination, perseverance and fine motor skills.

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