Panoramic CCTV camera series Arecont Vision SurroundVideo G5 have four Mini lens

The range of Arecont Vision company specializing in the production of network cameras, has added a series of panoramic cameras SurroundVideo G5 Mini. These cameras have a resolution of 12 or 20 MP, in fact represent complexes of four chambers in a common housing, providing a viewing angle of 180° or 360°. In the name of the camera reflects another feature of them — the camera SurroundVideo G5 Mini is about 50% smaller than their predecessors.

Camera several modules the company believes an attractive alternative for cameras with functions pan, tilt, and zoom, as well as cameras with a fixed angle of less than 180°. Users SurroundVideo G5 Mini preview image from an individual sensor or the entire panoramic image at once. Cameras support PoE power from an AC adapter, an outstanding constant voltage in the range 18-48 V.

Source: Arecont Vision


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