Panoramic camera Rylo designed based on the use together with a smartphone

Illustrated device is named Rylo. It was introduced by the eponymous company created by natives of Instagram and Apple.

Rylo — panoramic camera with two modules. The lens of each of them covers an angle of 208°. Camera Rylo designed based on the use together with the smartphone. The corresponding application provides the ability to view, edit, and publish videos.

The video made with the help Rylo, may be published in one of two formats: the first is a spherical panorama in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps, the second cut from her usual frame of HD resolution. The developers note that the software Rylo corrects distortion inherent in wide angle lenses. Possible capture resolution up to 6K.

The advantages Rylo developers also include proprietary algorithm for image stabilization based on using a image with the field angle of 360°, and traffic data. As stated, the result is comparable to that which can be obtained by using expensive accessories for shooting.

The size of the camera is 72.5 x 37,0 x 42,7 mm, weight — 108 g. Single charge of the battery enough for hours of shooting.

Sale Rylo for iPhone has already begun at a price of $499. Package included camera, battery, microSD card capacity 16 GB (supports card up to 256 GB), case and cables for charging and syncing. Free app for iOS available in the App Store. Version camera apps for Android should appear in the near future.


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