Panel for tablets cheaper

LCD panels are a key component of smartphones and tablets. According to industry representatives, prices for panels for smartphones is now relatively stable, while prices for panels for tablets drop.

Currently, a five-inch HD display, made by technology of a-Si and is equipped with an integrated touch screen, costs about $4. Full HD display size of 5.5 inches, made on technology LTPS, worth $12.

Delivery panels, a-Si is not growing, but the demand for them remains the same. In turn, the production of panels LTPS increases, also increases the demand for them. As a result, prices in both segments in October remained unchanged.

If we talk about seven-inch panels, a-Si LTPS for tablets, this panel costs an average of $10. In September, the average price was equal to $10,3. With the contraction of demand side, observers expect panels for tablets will fall in price during the quarter.

According to the forecast Digitimes Research, in 2018 the supply of tablets will be reduced by 10.7%, amounting in absolute terms, 128 million.


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