Panel AMOLED size 5.5 inches is worth less than the same LCD panel

The growth in production of AMOLED panels has led to lower prices for these products and reduce the gap between the panels AMOLED and LCD panels.

Moreover, according to IHS, Markit, which leads the source, the cost of AMOLED panel size of 5.5 inches and a resolution of HD is $12,10 below the price of the same LCD panel, equal to $12,20.

Previously, the AMOLED panel was more expensive because of the need to recoup expensive equipment and increased costs of labor. However, these costs quickly kompensiruet lower cost of the panel due to more simple structure compared to LCD panels.

However, while LCDs retain a price advantage in the segment of panels with high resolution. It is believed that the cost of the LCD panel QHD 5.5-inch size by 30% below the cost of the same AMOLED panel.

In General, it is expected that the share of AMOLED panels in smartphones will reach 50% within three years.

Source: Digitimes



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