Panasonic will close a factory that produces solar panels, focusing on the production of cells

Panasonic announced the changes designed to improve the competitiveness of its activities associated with the production of solar cells. If the manufacturer focused on selling solar panels, he now intends to start selling the cells forming such panels.

The transition from sales of panels for sale cell corresponds to a reorientation of the market by end users to interact with other businesses. It is expected that this will lead to the increase in the efficiency of production, producing highly efficient photovoltaic cell with a heterojunction.

Now Panasonic has four core businesses, three of which are located in Japan. In one factory in Japan and one of Malaysia issued simultaneously cells and panels, at a second factory in Japan — only cells, while the third panel only. This factory in accordance with the reorganization plan in March 2018, will be closed.

On the other hand, will be deployed in the production of cells in the United States, together with Tesla, about which the parties have tentatively agreed a year ago.



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