Panasonic tests the ability of HOSPI hospital robots in the airport and hotel

Hospital robots carrying Panasonic HOSPI, presented in 2013, is fairly well known: they are employed in hospitals in Japan and outside the country. However, the manufacturer decided to explore the possibility of using HOSPITALITY in a different environment and along the way find out if these robots to mitigate the problem of reduction of the working population in other industries. To do this, the company has temporarily «employ» robots in the International airport of Narita and a nearby hotel.

From 14 to 18 January HOSPITALITY working in hotel lobby door-to-door bottled water, declaring simultaneously the departure time of the buses in three languages — English, Japanese and Chinese. And from 23 to 27 January, the robots will work at the airport busboy — collect dirty dishes and take it to the sink.

Panasonic notes that at the end of the test period HOSPITALITY will remain to work in the air port or at the hotel. But if the current experiment on the change of activity HOSPITALITY is successful, then it may very well be that visitors to the summer Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo in airports and hotels will meet or such like robots — this will allow you to shoot with servants of the load, which in the days of such events is particularly high.

Source: Panasonic



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