Panasonic left no factory overclocking even model 1070 GeForce GTX Ti AMP Extreme

Sapphire announces three GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. The model is called the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP Edition GTX Ti 1070 1070 Mini and GTX Ti AMP Extreme.

To begin, we note that all three operate at the recommended frequencies: 1607/1683 MHz for the core and 8000 MHz memory, which is a bit strange. At the same time between the adapters differ strongly enough. There are totally different PCB and coolers.

GTX 1070 Ti Mini, as you can tell from the title, was the most compact. Its length is 211 mm, which is a bit adapter of this class. For cooling is responsible cooler with a couple large fans and several heat pipes. Judging by the images, the printed circuit Board and the cooler is completely identical to the model GeForce GTX 1080 Mini.
1070 GTX Ti AMP Edition larger. Its length is 300 mm, that is, it will not fit in every computer case. There is a much larger, although fans also two.

Model 1070 GeForce GTX Ti AMP Edition is the eldest in the Trinity. There are bigger and cooler, containing three fan and circuit Board. The card itself has a length of 325 mm, that is one of the longest among modern adapters. Also there is a signature lighting and tantalum capacitors PowerBoost. Why there is no factory overclocking, we can only guess. Maybe Panasonic doesn’t want this card to compete with GTX 1080.

It is worth mentioning that the GTX 1070 Ti Mini has one eight-pin power connector, while the other two are two connectors (8+6).

GeForce GT 1070


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