Panasonic is developing a satellite communication system in the range of 300 GHz

Experts of the Panasonic company, together with their colleagues from the University of Hiroshima and the national Institute of information and communications technologies have achieved a certain success in the development of a transmitter enabling to transmit data at speeds of over 100 Gbps on a single channel in the range of 300 GHz. The emergence of this technology, at least on the order of the superior speed of the network, 5G is expected around 2020.

Last year this group of researchers demonstrated the use of QAM modulation in the radio channel in the range of 300 GHz. This year the rate based on the channel managed to increase six — fold to 105 Gbit/s. Scientists intend to continue to develop.

The distribution of the now unused frequency range 275-450 GHz, incorporating a range of 290-315 GHz, which employs a transmitter will be discussed at world Radiocommunication conferences (WRC) in 2019.

Source: Panasonic



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