Panasonic introduced a low-profile graphics card GeForce GTX and GTX 1050 1050 Ti

To dilute the stream of announcements of new smartphones and tablets come from the manufacturer, the range is replenished GeForce GTX 1050 Low Profile and the GTX 1050 Ti Low Profile.

From the names you can guess, we’re talking about low profile versions of most available models the generation of Pascal. The cards are completely identical in appearance, use the same PCB and cooling system with a couple of small fans. The dimensions of the adapters is equal 144,78 x 111,15 mm.

The Junior card is equipped with 2 GB of memory and operates at frequencies 1354/1455 MHz for the core and 7000 MHz for the memory. At high frequency are 1290/1392 MHz and 7000 MHz respectively, and the memory twice. Additional power connection doesn’t require. The set of ports consists of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

, GeForce GTX 1050


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