Panasonic have ready organic image sensor type CMOS with electronic control sensitivity in the near infrared range

Panasonic told of an interesting development for the electronic sensitivity control image sensor type CMOS in the near infrared range (NIR). The sensitivity varies with changes in voltage applied to the organic films within the sensor structure.

This technology allows you to switch between different modes of operation of the sensor — color and NIR — from frame to frame without using filter, which is required in conventional sensors. In addition, there is a possibility of operation of the global shutter.

The developers note that the structure sensor enables you to independently design a photovoltaic part and the schema of the reader. It is assumed that new sensors will be needed in cameras for surveillance, quality control, machine vision.

The technologies used in the sensor, Panasonic has already received 94 patents in Japan and 68 in other countries (the drafters of the press release included in the calculation and patent applications).

Source: Panasonic


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