Panasonic have ready data transmission technology using the contact user

Experts Panasonic developed a data transfer system in which to exchange information used contact users.

The principle of operation of the system is built using electromagnetic wave propagation medium which is the human skin. The manufacturer already showed at the exhibition CEATEC prototype system. We provide them with the data transfer rate is 100 Kbit/s.

One of the applications of the system the developers see exchange contact information by shaking hands.

Of course, the system can be used not only for the exchange of information between the personal devices of the two users, but, for example, to control home electronics. For example, to open a smart door lock, to the person having the key, will be sufficient to take up the pen.

However, this is the future, because while the implementation turned out to be too cumbersome for practical use.

Source: CDR Info



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