Panasonic have ready a prototype of the reference OLED TV new generation

At the IFA 2016, Panasonic brought a prototype, which she calls the prototype of the reference OLED TV new generation. The market for such televisions should appear in 2017.

A feature of the prototype is the superior panel type OLED, reproducing more tones close to black color compared to conventional.

According to the manufacturer, he was able to use the experience gained in the development of plasma screens to enhance the image quality of the OLED panel.

Developed TVs belong to the upper segment. To ensure the best color specialists, the company helps Hollywood specialist Mike flowers Owl (Mike Sowa), known for his work with the films Oblivion and Insurgent.

For more information about the new TV the manufacturer promises to publish this winter. Probably the final version of the device will be presented at the January CES, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Source: Flatpanelshd



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