Panasonic expects to release a self-governance system for vehicles in 2022

Company Panasonic, which is the exclusive supplier of batteries for the Tesla Model 3, will be transformed into a manufacturer of automotive components. It is expected that this will allow her to get away from competition in the markets of smartphones and other consumer devices with low profitability.

According to Reuters, Panasonic, in particular, plans to release a self-governance system, which will appear in production cars in 2022.

The developed system will be designed for automatic driving at low to medium speeds, including Parking. Recognizing the gap in this field of competitors, the Japanese manufacturer expects to resolve it in the coming years. Their calculations it bases on the experience in designing and manufacturing cameras and televisions. In addition, the assets of Panasonic BIS for processing images and data coming from sonar.

For the financial year ended with March, car direction brought the company some 11 billion dollars. The company plans a doubling of this figure by 2022.



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